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Consultancy in Roquetas de Mar

Welcome to Conde y Segura Consultores

Consultancy in Roquetas de Mar

Consultancy in Roquetas de Mar

In our offices in Roquetas de Mar we provide the following services:

  • Legal Advice - Application of rules, laws, and regulations
  • Financial Advisory - We provide financial information and advice to help you with your specific needs
  • Tax Consulting - We manage your tax obligation in the best possible way
  • Economic Advisory - We are fully committed to our client's improvements
  • Audit Services - We assess the state of your company
  • Administration Services - We simplify your dealings with Public Administration

Although our economy has long suffered the effects of an economic recession, it is never too late to make a good decision on tax savings as a precaution against changes which can take place hereafter.

It is possible that your retirement age is approaching and you would like to transfer your business or family business to your descendants, or you may have plans to expand your agricultural holding/ farming business, or you may have it in mind, to convey part of your real estate assets. In Conde y Segura Consultores we are convinced that we can help you by the provision of our services, through new proposals for Fiscal Savings and for all kinds of taxes (local, regional and state) that may affect the changes and decisions you would like to undertake.

We remain at your disposal for anything you may need, and feel free to consult our professional staff for advice or information.

Consultancy 360º

Tailor-made business consultancy in Roquetas

We will defend your economic interests, regardless of its place in the business lifecycle.

PRE-start up services

Preventive tax planning, civil and administrative procedures for personal asset guarantees.

Contingences DURING the business lifecycle

Tax optimisation strategies and financial (debt analysis and valuation, personal assets tax planning, impact scenarios, etc)


Business management, consulting services 360º, outsourcing of administrative services, and data transmission transactions with public bodies, etc.

Tax Advisory

Our services of consulting in Roquetas include the submission of all relevant tax documents in their offices as well as the best advice for reducing your tax bill. Everything is done by the best professionals in the shortest possible time.

Do you have time to keep up with all the tax rules? Would it be worth hiring a person solely dedicated to it? More than 600 companies have already trusted us.

Accounting and Financial Consulting

Our staff will take care of all the accounting needs of your business, so you can focus on your work. We will submit you a summary and all the necessary reports with all the information you need to know in order to control your company efficiently. So that by just seeing the figures, you can take the right business decisions at any time.

Does your company do its own accounting? In that case, we will give you technical support in all operations by supervising that the accounting is correct and confirming that your financial situation is correct. And of course, we will help you with the decision-making process for your financial commitments as well as to reduce costs. We are your consultants in Roquetas.

Labour Consulting

Employment and unemployment, new contracts and payrolls. Outsource your Payroll and let us handle everything, or if you prefer delegate only those tasks that you desire. We guarantee the lowest cost for your company and with the maximum return.

Our team of professionals will give you advice on all labour issues. We are constantly updating our knowledge in order to give you the best service possible.

Auditing Services

Our consultancy in Roquetas also offers auditing services.


Recent news.

Brexit consequences on Almería's east

The Almanzora's Valley community towns do not remain indifferent to the decision of UK to go out of European Union. Antonio Ramón Salas, the president of the community, choose Zurgena to start working getting concerned about questions, doubts or suggestions of British there. Zurgena's mayor, and Jim Simpson, Zurgena's councilor, recently have had a meeting with the president of the community to study reactions to Brexit.

Jim Simpson said to the community president what the feeling of UK citizens there is, considering that 40% of Zurgena's population is British. Simpson explained their worries, but also calmed down during next years until the end of UK and EU negotiations. However, this calm should make possible working into proposals and solutions.

"We never turn our back to hundreds of British that born on UK but decided to remain in Zurgena as another neighbour until the end of their lives", explained the mayor, Luis Díaz. "We will study the different options to guarantee that any of our neighbour's could be damage by Brexit votation".

The Community president, Antonio Ramón Salas, remained the importance of "paying attention to all of the British worries" during this days. After paying attention to all worries, suggestions and opinions, the Almanzora Town's Comunity would study "the way to define the solutions and to let know the others town halls. We will study each and every one of the proposals we receive and since then we would work to resolve all the questions they ask for", said Zurgena's mayor.


We work for you

Chez Conde y Segura Consultores are fully aware of the difficulties that the current economic situation is causing in many companies. For this reason, our professional team is specialised in new consulting tools and different ways to thoroughly analyze each particular situation, in order to optimize the resources each entity requires, since not all cases are the same. We can be your consultant’s and offer you the solution you are looking for.

Call us at

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More than 600 companies have already placed their trust in our services.